Daily archives: June 25, 2003

Review: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the 5th book in J. K. Rowling‘s series following the wizardry life of Harry potter. I will keep this brief and hence will not put any spoilers in it for people are likely to read it regardless or what I am going to say. Imagine being told that a rollercoaster s being built and you hear about it over the 3 years of its construction. Finally you get to ride it, well the book is like the first drop. You are very slowly dragged to the top of the drop and then it is over far too quickly. The book could have been about half the size and nothing really would have been lost.

Evaporating Guy

Comics site The Pulse has an intern for the summer, who has read almost no comics. So they asked her to review some comics to see how accessible they were to ‘incomer’ not steeped in years of comics lore. The first issue of new DC comic Outsiders was justifiably slammed.

Evaporating Guy is some kind of brain-damaged superhero that I think we’re supposed to know about already. (You people probably know all about him, though: “oh, yes, Evaporating Guy, he first appeared as a backup feature in Big Fun Comics #238,” right?)

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And you thought the Americans were bad

Ok. I found a blog called expatyank, and jimney christmas, this guy is fantastic. He is extremely right wing, supports war and has an acute ability to be a complete racist!!!!

But the best part, drum roll please, he actually lives in Dorset with an English wife! All this pro-neocon shite eminating from this guy’s bungholio, BUT THE FIRST CHANCE HE GOT TO GET OUT OF THE STATES – HE TOOK IT!

Please, I beg of you, you must visit his site. It will reinforce all the negative american stereotypes you’ve been harboring for years…….


Before Abdoujaparov and Jim’s Super Stereoworld there was Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine. And before that there was Jamie Wednesday a ‘jangle-pop’ band who were briefly unsuccessful before going their separate ways. Apart from spawning one of my all time favourite bands they are also tangentially responsible for the name of Pop Will Eat Itself after the phrase was used in an NME review of JW.

And tonight I download all 8 Wednesday’s tracks.