Daily archives: June 27, 2003

Sell Ian

Inspired by a couple of friends, I’ve decided to try this Internet dating lark. The problem is, I’ve never been that good at selling myself, and they want at least 120 characters describing me. Worse, they want 120+ on the woman I’m seeking.

I’m looking for inspiration here folks- give me some ideas I can use. In fact, if I get a range of suggestions, perhaps I’ll create a spread of profiles and see which one gets the most responses.

Is EVERYONE incompetent?

The unemployment people haven’t sent me the last of my dole, despite the fact I sent the sign off in on Monday.

Southern Electric have sent us a notice saying they’re going to cut off our electricity despite the fact that I sorted the problem about moving house last week.

The Housing Benefit people want me to send them information I’ve already given them, and they want to send a rent assessor around who expects me to be in next Tuesday. I told them I would be starting work over a fortnight ago, they should know better..

Egg called me yesterday about payment defaults, ignorant of the fact that I sorted out a new payment scheme three months ago.

And that’s just the examples from the last couple of days. These people should start being more careful, or they’re all gonna go Connex.


Llivia is a little bit of Spain within France’s borders. More precisely, it’s a little bit of Catalan Spain in Catalan France. Granted city status by a Spanish king, it was exempted from a swap of villages during the 1659 establishment of the French-Spanish border. The border is delimited by 600 markers, and Llivia itself got 45 to mark its own boundaries.

More Supreme Court fun!

The US Supreme Court has ruled against Nike. Essentially the company was trying to argue that its advertising and press releases were protected under the first amendment and that as a result a false advertising case being brought against it should not be allowed to proceed. Now the original case concerning Nike’s claims that it doesn’t use sweatshops can proceed.

originally via The Inquirer

Door to desk in two hours

They do say that commited cyclists have the bodies of people ten years their junior. This morning mine belonged to a slightly unhealthy and quite knackered 23 year old. He was full of that sense of indestructibility and know-it-all superiority that youngsters have, though. And he got me to work in ten minutes more than my normal bus-train-bus journey takes.

I ended up taking the Middlewood Way, rather than the canal route, but otherwise everything worked out as planned.


Distance: 17.99 miles (The AA reckoned 16.7 if I’d stuck to the roads, but then I’d have had to battle traffic lights and morons drivers all the way.)

Average (rolling) speed: 11.8 mph (average actual speed, with stops at traffic lights etc. would be about 9 mph)

Top speed: My bike computer doesn’t record this, but I checked whilst drafting a bus down the hill into Stockport and it said I was doing 26 mph.

The journey home should be quicker, because- apart from Stockport and a climb out of Macc- I think it’s mostly downhill all the way.

What a great day!

Ok. It’s true one of the most annoying and dangerous US politicians has died in America. Aside from saying “THANK GOD!!!” and dancing on the tables with joy, one must look at the life Strom Thurmond led and what he meant to the Republican party, The South and to a way of life not since replicated. On the left, The New York Times front page leads with Stroms years of denying blacks civil rights. The Washington Times on the otherhand, calls him one of most “influential politicians of all time”. Hmmm….

Now back to more important matters. I found an interesting commercial this morning, brought to us by those great folks at the Center for Consumer Freedom. Why is this important? Well, over in America lawyers are gearing up to take fatty foods to court and seek damages because people don’t know when/how to stop shoveling food in their pieholes.

Now the interesting part. The Center for Consumer Freedom is paid for by fast food companies and a host of others. Watch the commercial and see how they portray lawyers as just out for money and how the companies are victims because “they made something taste good”…..