Door to desk in two hours

They do say that commited cyclists have the bodies of people ten years their junior. This morning mine belonged to a slightly unhealthy and quite knackered 23 year old. He was full of that sense of indestructibility and know-it-all superiority that youngsters have, though. And he got me to work in ten minutes more than my normal bus-train-bus journey takes.

I ended up taking the Middlewood Way, rather than the canal route, but otherwise everything worked out as planned.


Distance: 17.99 miles (The AA reckoned 16.7 if I’d stuck to the roads, but then I’d have had to battle traffic lights and morons drivers all the way.)

Average (rolling) speed: 11.8 mph (average actual speed, with stops at traffic lights etc. would be about 9 mph)

Top speed: My bike computer doesn’t record this, but I checked whilst drafting a bus down the hill into Stockport and it said I was doing 26 mph.

The journey home should be quicker, because- apart from Stockport and a climb out of Macc- I think it’s mostly downhill all the way.