Daily archives: July 3, 2003


The Tour de France is a proper sporting event, not like this poncey punting a ball around lark where they’re scared of a few drops of honest rain. With such a huge and taxing event it’s not surprising the lengths some riders will go to.

Lance Armstrong is the current King of Le Tour, and this year he’s going for his fifth win. Even revelations that he’s a close friend of Monkey Boy Bush haven’t damaged my respect for him.

Driving Test

Well, I failed. Which is a bit crap but to be honest it was deserved. Being with an instructor made me nervous and everything went slightly downhill – mirrors, observation, gears etc. Oh and a car jumped out at me! If I driven like I did in my lesson this week, I’d have passed, unfortunately I drove like I did about a month ago so I didn’t.

I’m feeling philospohical and I’m going to resit it after some more lessons. I think it’s just a matter of experience. I’m not too upset – I’m pretty sure I’ll pass next time with a bit more practice. However, if you want to buy me drinks in sympathy (instead of celebration), i’ll happily accept ;).

Got speeding tickets?

Well in the USA, people have finally cottoned on to the intrusive and police budget contributing use of speed cameras. Want the solution? It comes in a spray. I don’t know whether it is illegal here, but it doesn’t prevent the license plate from being read on the road and it reflects all light from a flash camera. Watch the Fox news tests on the website – it’s impressive stuff.

Pretty cool. If I was still driving all over the country, it would be in the glove compartment at all times.