Roll of Shame

I should start an incompetence watch.

This week’s competent people, a rare exception in my experience, are the admissions team at City College Manchester, who managed to turn around my online application and get a confirmation card out to me by the end of the week. Kudos to them.

Still incompetent, to the point where I’m going to put in a claim for compensation, are the JobCentre people, who first off lost my signing off form, then didn’t send out the replacement form they promised and weren’t answering their phones yesterday. How come they get to be so crap at exactly the time I need the money most to see me through until my pay starts coming in?

The Housing Benefit folks are still shite. It’s been over two months since I made my claim and they can’t do anything more than keep asking me for information I gave them weeks ago.

Southern Electric moved me out of my old house whilst I still lived there, moved me back in, moved me out, did the hokey cokey and shook it all about and still- as far as I can tell- haven’t got a clue despite the big signs saying “Clue, this way, yes, that big thing with the letters C, L, U and E on it.”

New to the list are my bank. They won’t extend my overdraft, which is fair, I guess. But they will give me a bank loan, to reset my account to zero and give me a fresh start in the black. They just have to get the loans department to call me and then they’ll send out the paperwork. Phone call? Paperwork? No, of course I haven’t seen them.

Rant over. Normal Saturday service shall now resume.