Daily archives: July 13, 2003

First Draft

Just finished the first draft of Union Jack on the laptop whilst watching Six Feet Under. Now I just have to transfer it into Open Office and sort out the formatting. Then I should find some readers to test it on. Damian’s already volunteered to be the non comics reader so I can check that I haven’t put any geek only bits in there. Now I need a comics fan to give it a look over and make sure I’m doing something that’s at least a little original.

Of course, even before I’d finished this draft I was thinking of ways to rejig it. Not least because the requirements at Epic have been clarified some more and I should really be looking at pitching a three part story rather than the six parter I thought they wanted. It’s not a big deal, I can turn the story into a bunch of three issue arcs, each one introducing a new team member and expanding upon the underlying threat. All of which, of course, lead up to the creation of a new super team and their ongoing adventures.

Nobody Knows I'm A Lesbian

I want a Nobody Knows I’m A Lesbian T-shirt, as available at Afflecks. (Actually, it’s not really a secret. I’ve always, and I hope no-one’s offended when I say this, but…. I’ve always been attracted to women. I mean, I must be a lesbian, right?)

Little Hedonist got one of these T-shirts and she had a hell of a night.

Everyone walking by is laughing. Or smiling. Or chuckling. Or talking. Or pointing. Some people do double-takes and/or accidentally trip down the street. It feels good to make people happy and amuse them. But at least they don’t know that I’m a lesbian. NOBODY KNOWS I’M A LESBIAN.

Incompetence watch

Friday was going to be incompetence watch day, I might as well make it a regular thing, then I went and nominated myself for the list. I set the virus checker running before going to work. When I got home it had a message up saying ‘This file is infected, do you want to delete it?’ I figured Kaspersky knew best and clicked OK. Then I went “Oh shit! That was Outlook.pst, not Archive.pst. I’ve just deleted my email.” And set off on a vain attempt to rescue my communications. Ho hum.

Southern Electric are still massively incompetent. I received yet another disconnection letter this week, after having spent over half an hour last week talking to one of their help desk people and, I thought, sorting the confusion over the house move out. It seems the guy boiled a long and involved search through the records to ‘The customer will call back with bank and Direct Debit instructions.’ ???!!???

Housing Benefit still haven’t been in touch. Any money I ever get out of them can be considered a miracle and a bonus.

There is at least one moderately competent person in the Job Centre- hobbled by the incompetents who update the information on their system. He sent me a signing off form and I actually received it this time. Mind you, I still haven’t seen the money, so there’s scope for future slagging off.

Yours sincerely,

Irate of Longsight

Blogging hits a new low..

According to this article in the Washington Post, AOL is due to release its own blogging software for its members. Can you imagine some of talk? Oh the humanity. Better yet, AOL found its members don’t understand what “blog” means, so they have instead decided to call their programme “AOL Journals”. Here’s a snippet:

AOL this month began showing demos of its tools for creating Web logs, or blogs, to veteran bloggers. AOL has dubbed its service “AOL Journals” because its surveys showed that members found the word “blogs” confusing, said Rick Robinson, AOL’s vice president for community products.

One interesting thing, AOL Journalistas will be able to pay extra for the priviledge of blogging by phone. Call me a cynic, but doesn’t that just make it a bit too boring?