First Draft

Just finished the first draft of Union Jack on the laptop whilst watching Six Feet Under. Now I just have to transfer it into Open Office and sort out the formatting. Then I should find some readers to test it on. Damian’s already volunteered to be the non comics reader so I can check that I haven’t put any geek only bits in there. Now I need a comics fan to give it a look over and make sure I’m doing something that’s at least a little original.

Of course, even before I’d finished this draft I was thinking of ways to rejig it. Not least because the requirements at Epic have been clarified some more and I should really be looking at pitching a three part story rather than the six parter I thought they wanted. It’s not a big deal, I can turn the story into a bunch of three issue arcs, each one introducing a new team member and expanding upon the underlying threat. All of which, of course, lead up to the creation of a new super team and their ongoing adventures.