Incompetence watch

Friday was going to be incompetence watch day, I might as well make it a regular thing, then I went and nominated myself for the list. I set the virus checker running before going to work. When I got home it had a message up saying ‘This file is infected, do you want to delete it?’ I figured Kaspersky knew best and clicked OK. Then I went “Oh shit! That was Outlook.pst, not Archive.pst. I’ve just deleted my email.” And set off on a vain attempt to rescue my communications. Ho hum.

Southern Electric are still massively incompetent. I received yet another disconnection letter this week, after having spent over half an hour last week talking to one of their help desk people and, I thought, sorting the confusion over the house move out. It seems the guy boiled a long and involved search through the records to ‘The customer will call back with bank and Direct Debit instructions.’ ???!!???

Housing Benefit still haven’t been in touch. Any money I ever get out of them can be considered a miracle and a bonus.

There is at least one moderately competent person in the Job Centre- hobbled by the incompetents who update the information on their system. He sent me a signing off form and I actually received it this time. Mind you, I still haven’t seen the money, so there’s scope for future slagging off.

Yours sincerely,

Irate of Longsight