Time for your pill, mister President

Wubble U’s grasp on reality seemed dubious before, but now he’s let it go to fly away like a pretty little butterfly. Asked about the dodgy Niger data, he defended the “darned good intelligence” he received and went on to claim the invasion of Iraq was made after he gave Saddam Hussein “a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn’t let them in.” (Washington Post article, may ask for some basic personal information.)
Er, what? Or more precisely What the Fuck? These would be the inspectors who were, annoyingly to Bush & co., consistently proving the blather about WMDs was false and therefore delaying Halliburton’s access to the oil and rebuilding contracts. The ones that everyone with access to a TV or newspaper, apart from Dubya it seems, knew were in Iraq. Perhaps he’s just an idiot, or perhaps he’s the sociopath some people think he is and genuinely believes this statement. Either way he’s a dangerous man to be in charge of the world’s largest power.
And just in case anyone believes this is something made up by the “liberal media”, the statement is even in the Whitehouse’s transcript of the event, right there in the final paragraph. There’s video as well, but I can’t open that to vouch for it at the moment.
All via Joe Conason’s journal at Salon