Hear the fanboys scream

Jess Lemon reviews issue 1 of Trouble, the Marvel attempt to snare the teen girl market, and trashes it. As this was the first comic from the Epic imprint- the one I’m doing a proposal for- I don’t know whether to be afraid or jubilant.

The ‘Intern Reviews’ are the only comic reviews I read at the moment. If Jess is still doing them when (if) Union Jack gets published I want her to have first dibs on trashing it. And I still choose to belive that she’s real, though I think her brother Andy’s an invention to cover for the crib sheets the editors give her on character history. He also provides a useful’ aren’t boys silly’ story to top and tail the reviews. There are a few fanboys, however, who can’t stand the idea that girls read comics, let alone comment on them. Mostly they aren’t as funny as this, where ‘Jess’ interviews ‘Felicia’- another woman in comics they hope isn’t real.