Daily archives: July 22, 2003


Johnny’s site is up, far ahead of the three year schedule the rest of us had set for it. But there is something wrong. Take a look in the right hand column of links. What’s at the top, where Spinneyhead should be? Why, it’s Fark.

Really, the ungrateful wretch! He should acknowledge his heritage, putting Spinneyhead where it rightfully belongs- at the top of the pile. This slight will not be forgotten, the next time he comes to the table with ‘union demands’ he’s not getting a chair. He’ll have to stand there, on one leg if I say, wearing a dunce’s cap.

Spinneyhead doesn’t take this sort of insult lightly, and it has a long memory.


The Roman a Clef is a grand old tradition of putting real people, dressed up and renamed, in fictional works. It’s usually done for revenge, to lampoon someone who wronged the author, but can verge toward satire. I’ve already declared that friends have nothing to fear from the characterisation in Post & Publish, but public figures are another matter.

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