Daily archives: July 28, 2003

Last of the Big Time Drinkers

Rummaging through old floppies to find something to stick drivers on, I found one with a single file on it- a Word document with this text-

There�s a line in an old Wonderstuff song, I think it was Ruby Horse- �The sun shone down like marmalade, and covered us like glue.� I�m seeing just that. The sun�s just cleared the mountains and the light is being gathered by the old Conker tree, turning the leaves golden green [which is another Wonderstuff song, but I won�t go off on that tangent]. What isn�t supercharging chlorophyll escapes as beams made tangible by the light reflecting off dust motes, pollen and other things that are the bane of hayfever sufferers. Then, to top this off and add a little sheen, there�s the fact that my eyes are too apathetic to focus properly, my mind is a fraction of a second behind my body and there�s white noise from my brain as it re-routes its functions round the brain cells I killed last night. Weirdly enough, this hangover on a summer�s morning in the countryside is one of the most beautiful things I�ve ever experienced.

Hangar 7

This was originally a Heavensent post, but I like the subject so much I’ve copied it over here as well-

Carlton Hibbert has a link over to Dusso, a matte painter who has worked on Lord of the Rings and other big movies. He has also made Hangar 7, a short propeller-punk film set on Peenemunde with lots of Luft 46 style aircraft. Sadly, the QuickTime movie has been heavily compressed and is quite pixellated, but take a look at the production images for a clue of the quality of work this guy does for fun.

(And one other thing. It seems the Nazis drove Austin 1300s/ Maxis. In the whole of LA they couldn’t find one Beetle?)

Father Christmas isn't real?

Jess Lemon reviews the San Diego comics convention and a dinosaur comic. It’s been pretty much decided that she, or he, is a pseudonym, as discussed in this Delphi forums thread. It’s a shame really, it would be neat to genuinely have a non comics reader review comics. That’s one of the reasons I asked a non (comics) geek to go over my Union Jack script.

an ancient dinosaur civilization that’s kept itself in suspended animation in a beautifully decorated high-tech underground chamber in the middle of Texas–that’s terrible pseudoscience, but it’s the premise of the story. 65-million-year-old Zip discs that happen to run on Windows 2000–that’s just unforgivable.

Blake's 7

It’s looking like the late 70’s British sci-fi epic Blake’s 7 may be getting a new lease of life. Paul Darrow (Avon) has acquired the rights from the widow of series creator Terry Nation (aka the guy who invented the Daleks). The plan is for a 4 hour mini series to be completed for spring 2005 which picks up the story 25 years after the end of the last episode.

via the BBC

Liberation (almost)

For just over a week now, I have been the proud owner of a Toshiba Libretto 50CT, possibly the dinkiest and most adorable computer ever. Thus I have managed to fulfill a long held dream of a take anywhere word processor. At the moment it’s being used on my bus ride in in the morning, which it is perfect for. Laptops with a larger footprint work on the train, when you can get a table, but would be just too large for a cramped bus seat. I’ve got a goodly chunk of new Heavensent stuff written.

This great leap forward in my productivity is not without its problems, of course. At the moment Libby can’t talk to the rest of the world. It came without a floppy drive (or power supply for that matter, but that problem was easily solved by a trip to Maplin), but Damian kindly supplied a PCMCIA network card. Libby has drivers for that make of card right up to the model before the one Damian provided. This wouldn’t be an issue if I had a floppy drive, because I could just download the drivers and copy them across.

So I’m bidding on Libretto floppies on EBay.

Not as big a problem, but slightly limiting- I hit the maximum size for a single file in NotePad this morning. I think it’s time to look into freeware text editors and word processors