Liberation (almost)

For just over a week now, I have been the proud owner of a Toshiba Libretto 50CT, possibly the dinkiest and most adorable computer ever. Thus I have managed to fulfill a long held dream of a take anywhere word processor. At the moment it’s being used on my bus ride in in the morning, which it is perfect for. Laptops with a larger footprint work on the train, when you can get a table, but would be just too large for a cramped bus seat. I’ve got a goodly chunk of new Heavensent stuff written.

This great leap forward in my productivity is not without its problems, of course. At the moment Libby can’t talk to the rest of the world. It came without a floppy drive (or power supply for that matter, but that problem was easily solved by a trip to Maplin), but Damian kindly supplied a PCMCIA network card. Libby has drivers for that make of card right up to the model before the one Damian provided. This wouldn’t be an issue if I had a floppy drive, because I could just download the drivers and copy them across.

So I’m bidding on Libretto floppies on EBay.

Not as big a problem, but slightly limiting- I hit the maximum size for a single file in NotePad this morning. I think it’s time to look into freeware text editors and word processors