Daily archives: July 29, 2003

For Mash Get…….

Ickle is a very strange man-

Completely Smashed

Almost 100, (well 97 and two catering sized) SMASHTM tins now brighten up my room. What to do with my pointless collection is now what i’m considering. I think due to space considerations, I shall stop collecting at 100 350g tins. My first idea of what to do with further ones after 100 was something along the lines of cutting them up and doing something arty/sculptural. We’ll see.

As i’m not at all busy today, here’s some pointless stats:

Since October 1999 (the start of the collection) I must have bought 37.950kg of SMASHTM.

If you consider the addition of water (to re-hydrate the SMASHTM) then 10g of dried potato becomes 60g. Therefore as of today I have actually eaten 227.7kg of instant mash at an average rate of 163.3g/day. Mmmmm!


The boys on Poindexter’s team at the Pentagon (you remember them, the ones responsible for Total Information Awareness) have come up with another blindingly moronic plan. It’s called the Policy Analysis Market and the gist of it is that people get to play BlogShares on terrorism and Middle Eastern turmoil. You sign up at their website and lay down a bit of your own money so you can buy options on predicted events. I’m sure some of the predictions will concern mass events such as elections, but others are planned on things like assassinations.

I don’t have any training in understanding markets, but I think I can see some serious issues with this. This sort of spread betting is okay at predicting mass movements, it’s sort of like the future history predictions from the Foundation stories. But terrorism and even coups are the actions of very small numbers of people. Unless they’re inviting Osama to trade, what hope do they have of even putting up the right predictions to bet on?

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