Ho Hum! Giz a job, I can do that! (or maybe I can't)

Oh! Well it seems the spectre of the ghost which seems to mean that the three members of Spinneyhead Central can not have a job at the same time seems to have stuck again. As of today I have been given a months notice, which I don’t have to attend work during, which will be paid for a month or up until I get a new Job, which ever comes sooner. So I better get my CV upto date. I picked up a copy of the MEN on the way home. It was a pity as I was enjoying the challenge of the work and the guys at Epix are great and I can honestly say I will miss them. I am probably going to goto the quiz tonight either at the Rampant Lion or the Lass o’Gowrie. Give me a ring, if you want to join. The only worry I have now is that I have a 5 grand loan hanging over my head which, if I had know that I was going to be made redundant, I wold have never took out. But such is life.