The rails might buckle in the heatwave…

has apparantly been used as an excuse for a couple of days of excessively late trains.

So I was more than a tad worried this morning, while reading this story in the newspaper, when the train came to an abrupt halt in the middle of a normally stop free journey. However, after 10 minutes when we started rolling again, the excuse was far more entertaining – “There was a sheep on the line”.

Quite why the farmer turned down the oppurtunity to have next week’s dinner neatly butchered (and given the supposed line temperature, cooked as well) at zero cost to himself remains a mystery.

Even more amusing from a personal point of view was that the trains were running so late this afternoon that I managed to get the train which normally runs an hour before mine, thus making home in the quickest time ever and giving me lots of time to buy mint sauce to take on the train tomorrow.