Daily archives: August 7, 2003

Nouveau Stinking Riche

I’d forgotten I was working in Cheshire, with England’s highest concentration of millionaires, until I looked in the (very large and full of shiny things) window of one of the shops on the market square and went bibble at the price of a Rolex. More astounding were the Vertu mobile phones, which start at �3,750! For that sort of money I’d expect a James Bond laser and fully interactive holographic display, at least.

Conan the Republican

As most of you will be aware Arnold Schwarzenegger is running for governor of California. I think the movie Conan the Barbarian gives some hints on how he’ll run his campaign

General: “Conan, what is best in life?”

Conan: “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!”

So, a typical Republican campaign then.

Show Me The Money (Again)

Ben Hammersley, in the Guardian, investigates ways to make the web pay, reckoning it’s reached the stage where the most popular bloggers could make a living out of it.

The plan has never been to make a living solely from Spinneyhead, but it does exist as a sort of force multiplier- a way to add value to traditionally distributed products and create and maintain interest in them (I know they’re a long time coming, but I am basically lazy after all). Now that I’m using CafePress again expect to see a few more T-Shirts and I’m mulling over ideas for their new publishing service. And this morning I was contemplating providing some of the best Spinneyhead photos as wallpaper for PCs or mobiles, perhaps I could charge 10p a go for them using the Bitpass product mentioned in the article.