Extra Credit

Even if Jess Lemon isn’t really real, (s)he serves a purpose in pointing out crap trends in comics. This week, she reviews the plot free cheesecake fest that is Vampirella/ Witchblade

whose cover shows two women who look like the ones on the posters [Jess’ brother Andy] used to hang over his bed, wearing very skimpy outfits in the middle of a snowstorm. (You can tell it’s cold–one of them is, uh, having a reaction.) “Oh, yeah… this one,” he said, totally not fooling me. “You know, this has some really strong women characters in it.”

It’s a little unfair, because there is some good stuff being published. Maybe someone should try to improve the quality of Andy’s weekly pile. Or perhaps one of Team Spinneyhead’s non comics readers would like to review something from my next stack of pamphlets?