Daily archives: August 12, 2003

Air Force Down

A British arms dealer who wanted to sell surface- to- air missiles to terrorists has been arrested by the FBI after a multinational sting. He got hold of the Russian Igla missile after, as the man just put it on the BBC, “doing a deal with corrupt middle management” at the weapons factory.

See? I’ve been saying it for years- middle management are evil!

Heavensent- Chapter 10, Part 4

Suddenly the mountain squadrons were back in their element. They swept up the fjord, dodging the expected gun blister on the cliff walls. There was no return fire, which was a disappointment to some of the pilots. They were under orders, with the exception of the lifting blimps, to only engage if fired upon. Any sunken vessel would have to be recovered or removed and they wanted the port operating again as soon as possible.

The soft grey shapes were clustered around a control ship, easy targets even in morning shadow. The lead Cicciles lanced incendiaries into the nearest blimp and pulled away. It deflated and began to sink, suggestions of flame making the bullet holes larger. The second pair of Cicciles were lining up when dirty yellow flames rolled over the blimp’s skin. Once it had started, the foire transferred rapidly to the other balloons.

There was one other blimp before the bridges. The Cicciles took a pass each at it then left it to sink toward the water.

The flight climbed out of the fjord as the bridges approached, and started to take fire. There were defences on either end of each bridge, checkpoints to control the flow of citizens. If any bridge had charges set on it, they would be fired from one of these bunkers.

The attack should have involved more planes, now they just had one Wasp per bunker. The Cicciles strafed the first bunkers as the designated Wasps lined up their bomb runs. Fire zones had been cleared around the bunkers, so the sandbagged emplacement was an easy hit.

By the time they reached the last bridge, the defenders had fled their posts.

Layed Out

Next Tuesday I have an interview for a part time Graphic Design course. They want me to put together a portfolio, which scares me. At the moment I think that most of the stuff I could put in a portfolio would be good examples of why I need to be on the course rather than why I should be on it.

Expect an increase in images over the next few days.