Daily archives: August 13, 2003

If you love something set it free……

Lifted whole from the Bookcrossing e-mail I just received.

urbis to loose books upon manchester, england

I got a call yesterday from Urbis, to let me know they are planning a large-scale book release in Manchester, England, this Saturday, August 16. Urbis is a “new kind of museum,” set in a iconic shimmering skyscraper, and focuses on exhibits celebrating urban life in cities like Manchester, Los Angeles, Sao Paolo, Singapore, Paris and Tokyo.

According to their press release, Urbis will be releasing hundreds of books in locations across the city in shops, cafes, pubs, phone boxes, on park benches, at bus stops and in train stations. They will even be enlisting the help of cab drivers and train operators to move books beyond the city limits.

Scott Burnham, Urbis Creative Director said: “The beauty of Bookcrossing is that it’s organic – this project will evolve and take on a life its own as books are passed on and on. Bookcrossing is about animating the city of Manchester with a unique collaboration between Urbis and an international project and giving everyone the opportunity to embark on a journey of discovery whether it’s finding a book in a unique location, discovering its story or tracing the people who have read it before you.”

Addition- the Guardian on this story

Joined up writing

My exciting job currently involves looking at lots of sheets of paper with foreign writing on them and trying to divine a meaning. There’s a lot of stuff being filed under ?

I’m currently checking out stuff from Asia, and I’ve been struck by just how pretty some written languages are. My current favourite is Sinhala, the majority language of Sri Lanka. You’ve got to love a language with letters that look like cartoon buttocks or ivy leaves.