Daily archives: August 22, 2003

Interview game


1 — Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.

2 — I will respond; I’ll ask you five questions.

3 — You’ll update your website with my five questions, and your five answers.

4 — You’ll include this explanation.

5 — You’ll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

My questions came from Tuesday.

1.(A bit of narcissism) How did you find my blog and what makes you continue to read it?

I think I found it whilst trawling through the weblogs.com or bl.ogs, liked it and stuck it in my blogroll. I keep going back so I can steal links ;-P

2.What is the worst piece of clothing your parents made you where when you were young? How did you try to get out of wearing it?

I didn’t care what I was made to wear really. The worst thing I had to wear was probably my school uniform- a maroon blazer, striped (grey and maroon) tie, white shirt and black trousers. Most of it wasn’t so bad, but maroon??????

3.Have you been to the “Detroit” bar in London?


4, What one skill do you feel you need the most to be successful in the field you want to pursue?

It would probably help if I could draw better. My grasp of anatomy is a little off. Being able to lay things out on a page in a way suited to storytelling would also help, but I’m hoping the Graphic Design course will guide me on that. It would be good if I could regain my ability to concentrate, which has been worn down by the last few years of work.

5. If someone offered you an all-expenses paid month-long trip to some exotic locale, would you take them up on their offer, knowing that if you did, you would lose your job and apartment and wouldn’t be able to pay your creditors during the time you were gone? Where would you go? What would you do when you got back?

Hell, yeah! I’m still tempted by the Left coast of America- all the way up from San Diego to Seattle (avoiding Los Angeles by detouring to Vegas. But given my recent ‘Anti Americanism’ (ie thinking for myself) that mightn’t be such a good idea. So a ‘Bikes, Boards and Battlefields’ tour of Europe would be a better choice. When I got back I’d just have to turn to everyone and say ‘So sue me.’



Following the purchase of Spinneyhead.com by Johnnytheo, all current staff of Team Spinneyhead are being offered SENIOR MANAGEMENT POSITIONS at the brand spanking new SPINNEYHEAD.COM. This will mean salary increases, the opportunity to drive content forward, develop closer relationships with the blogging public and choose your title and responsibilities.

The new website will be loosely based on the familiar outline known and loved by many, but this could be your chance to captain the ship without collecting 12% of readership and forcing a management recall!!!!


Anyone want to buy Spinneyhead.com????

Johnnytheo.com has purchased the domain rights to Spinneyhead.com!!!!!

We plan to launch merchandising endeavors shortly unless the management team at spinneyhead decide to buy the rights….

Well, Spinneyhead, whats the offer?????

lets see. Anyone have any comments on what type of content to put on the freshly purchased spinneyhead.com domain?

Haven't hoed a row since I don't know when

The thing is, I would never have heard of the Dixie Chicks if it hadn’t been for the Right Wing cries that they should be shut up. I certainly wouldn’t have listened to their songs and been tempted to pick up an album. It’s a shame so many of their original fan base feels the need to disown them and behave like the stereotyped moronic rednecks you expect to listen to Country music. In the ‘Land of the Free’ no-one should be threatened for exercising their First Amendment rights. But, after all the trouble and the strife, the Chicks seem to be doing quite well, thank you.

“We play both types of music here. Country, and Western.”

Dixie Chicks, Long Time Gone

Heavensent- Chapter 10, Part 8

With the demolition party destroyed and the supporting troops in disarray, the defenders of the Straight came out in force. Smoke from the burning buildings confused matters and confounded the snipers, but strike teams found they could outflank the attackers down the narrow alleys that ran parallel to the boulevard.

Shara’s squad were granted a reprieve. They had achieved so much in their one attack that it was time others were allowed to grab some glory. They fell back through the side doors and alleys all the way to the command centre.

The girl, Tenna, and a number of others were tended by medics. Tenna had a blistering scar running diagonally down her back, where her clothes had caught fire, that hurt a lot more than she wanted to admit. Such denial was common in the hospital rooms, where even the hopeless talked of the great victory to come. Shara left her squad clustered around their new heroine and went searching for Aurile.

She wandered the halls. The old administrative building was busy again with a different kind of organisation. Grand old desks had been turned into operating tables and filing cabinets were as likely to contain weapons stashes as paperwork. The command centre had been set up in the old debating hall. Aurile was laying out strategies and their possible repercussions, all culled from his vast knowledge base. He nodded at Shara as she entered, they wandered into a corner. “Your attack was a great success. Did it cost much?”

“Three dead and four wounded. I turned some children into killers.”

“We were naive to expect some sort of utopia without conflicts. Things weren’t supposed to run for so long without intervention.”


“This battle would be on without us here. It’s our best chance to head North. And there was never any directive against intervention.”

The windows rattled as a single engined plane flew low over the building. Despite themselves they both ducked. Aylo ran into the room. “They are bringing heavy artillery up. We should move to another building just in case.” He began gathering up the maps. More planes passed overhead.