Take this job and….

I’ll probably cave in and go to work on Tuesday, simply because I need the money. I wish I could just can it, because they don’t deserve any level of loyalty from me.

Friday was not a good day. I missed my ulcer medication and the little bastard was in full swing all day. I told my manager about the Graphic Design course and got the response I expected. No matter that my job is so shite and banal that I’d get just as much done in five hours as in the forty they demand from me, I have to turn up for my mandated soul destroying five days a week, nine to gone five or else some sort of character conflict will cause the office to go into meltdown. So they’ll let me go if that’s okay.

Then I discovered what I’ll have to do if I do make it in. I’ll be covering for queen bee of the clerical support staff. Upon having the job fully explained to me I wanted to cry, it was so stupid. I could replace her with a few hundred lines of VBA and some Outlook rules. I’m not allowed to, of course, because if I don’t check and update this spreadsheet three times a day until the drool dribbles down my chin then the world is going to stop spinning on its axis and we don’t want that.

By the end of the day I wanted to break something. I haven’t felt so much like screaming in a very long time. This sort of shit is exactly why I want to change direction.

Okay, I’ll stop ranting now.