Daily archives: August 29, 2003

They Started It!

The US intelligence agencies are catching on- several months behind the rest of us- to the fact that Iraqi defectors told them what they wanted to hear about WMDs. One theory is that Saddam Hussein had agents deliberately spread misinformation abot the scale of operations, though the reasoning behind that one is as dubious as all their other arguments.

Automatic for the people

To describe Shop 24 as a big vending machine doesn’t really do it justice. It’s a vending machine the size of a small shop. This is the kind of innovation you’d expect from Japan, not Darlington (and the idea originally came from Belgium). I want someone to open one of these near me as soon as possible.

UPDATE: The BBC version of the story is here and the company that make them are here.

REM for our referral pimp.

You do have to be mad to work here

Mike Judge’s movie Office Space is getting a UK DVD release. If you’ve never heard of the movie it’s not surprising. It was released in the US in ’99 and only just made it’s $10m budget back so the studio didn’t bother releasing it anywhere else. Since then it’s gone on to become a big seller on DVD and video. If it hadn’t been for an article in today’s Guardian I would never have heard of it. As an office worker who reports to three different bosses (plus another two seem to think I report to them) I had no choice other than to order it straight away.

There’s more viewer comments on IMDB.