Daily archives: September 1, 2003


America’s religious nutters are less murderous than those of the Middle East- probably because they’re more certain of bullying politicians toward their agenda- but only just. Anti-abortion campaigners have taken to claiming that the murder of clinic doctors is justified as defence of the unborn children and now, with one of their number due for execution soon, they are promising to bring down their unholy wrath again. Even when they have an undisputably guilty murderer the death penalty is an evil form of punishment, and the last thing the Pro Life crowd should be given is a martyr.

Hot enough for ya?

A study of tree rings and glacier cores- which each record weather information in their own ways- has shown that we are living through the fastest warming period for the last 2000 years. Of course, there are always going to be people who don’t believe in global warming, but with each new study they sound more like kids with their hands over their ears going “La la la. Can’t hear you!”

And the harmonica played on

Last night I watched ‘Once Upon A Time In The West’, probably the greatest western ever made (the only movies I’d put near it are the second and third of the dollars trilogy, I’ve never really rated The Magnificent Seven). This morning I heard the news that Charles Bronson died. AICN have l charted his full career from The House of Wax onwards. It’s worth reading as most reports will only mention The Magnificent Seven and the Death Wish series.

Stranger than……

A Pennsylvania pizza delivery man walked into a bank and handed over a note saying their was a bomb strapped to his chest and he had to be given money or the person who put it there would detonate it. Not a plot from some desperate for ideas police show, this happened for real. And, unlike the police show, Brian Wells didn’t make it to the final credits, with the bomb detonating before the Bomb Squad could even get to the scene.

Edit: CNN’s version adds a few details.