Daily archives: September 3, 2003

Jenny Everywhere

The Shifter, aka Jenny Everywhere, is an open source superhero created after an open call on Grant Morrison fan site and general comics community Barbelith.

She isn’t the first, however. A Russian band of hippies going by the name of the Progressive Political Pornography Party created Octobriana at the end of the sixties, and set her free for anyone to use. Her highest profile appearance was in Bryan Talbot’s The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, but there was an eponymous comic a few years ago (which I tried out for artist on) and this year there was a film ‘Octobriana and the Finger of Lenin’.

via BoingBoing

High Times

This looks like an interesting read- Cannabis Britannica, which argues that most nineteenth century decisions on dope were grounded in imperial politics. I heard the author on the Today programme this morning, arguing the point with Ann Widdecombe. She’d go ‘Well, what about this….’ and he’d come back with ‘Yes, but….’ and give the proper historical context.