Hey Douglas Coupland!

Douglas Coupland’s new novel, Hey Nostradamus! is available. Wonder if I’ll like it?

My history with Coupland-

Generation X, liked it, the classic early nineties tale of ennui.

Shampoo Planet, I haven’t read this yet. Hey, somebody buy me a copy!

Life After God. This one caught me at a bad time. A book about a bad break up right after I’d gone through a bad break up.

Microserfs. My favourite piece of fiction ever, and the only book I have read three times. When this came out the only British twentysomething tales were the appalling This Life and novels that tried to do Pulp Fiction in Sarf Lahndun. This tale of geeks struggling to get lives, even if it was set in California and Seattle, was much more obviously about my peers.

Girlfriend In A Coma. I never finished this book. Maybe one day.

Miss Wyoming. This one has the good old Coupland charm, which makes it a good read but a little too gentle to really be a satire on celebrity.

And then there’s a whole bundle of his books that I haven’t read and really should.