Daily archives: September 18, 2003

Graphical interface

Does anyone out there own a Nokia with a colour screen? I’d like to know how easy it is to transfer an image file from a PC to your phone and then set it as wallpaper. If you’re feeling reeeeeeeeeally helpful, could you tell me what size the image on your wall paper is as well.

My first BitPass’d products are going to be versions of pictures from my gallery shrunk down to wallpaper size for as many mobiles as possible. I’ve just managed to mine the Sony-Ericsonn sizes, but Nokia’s site is only about selling so I couldn’t get any freebies to examine from there.

Get your talking GW Bush doll – THIS IS A MUST SEE!!!! TOO FUNNY!

Toypresidents � has been founded upon the principles of education and discovery of the American political system with the introduction of a collectible series of political talking action figures. Our products are not endorsing specific public figures; rather our products endorse the democratic system of government itself. Toypresidents � seeks to promote a better understanding of the democracy we cherish and the individuals who have devoted their lives to serving the American people, both past and present.

Go hear George Bush speak for yourself every time you press his lapel USA pin!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!

Which came first, the DVD or the pirate copy?

Whilst the MPAA and associated Hollywood studios are suing companies that produce DVD copying software it has come to light that DVD ripping isn’t the source of pirate movies on the net. As 95% of pirate copies appear before the DVD release and some aren’t even the final edit of the movie the finger is being pointed at Hollywood insiders.

Little Italy

Ancoats is one of the most important world sites when it comes to the history of the Industrial Revolution. So, if it’s done properly, it’s good to hear there’s a �65million redevelopment plan for three mills.

I scour Ancoats every few months, but I still can’t find the Bridge 5 Mill green centre. There used to be a skate park, but it has now closed. And the authorities wonder why the kids have to take to the streets.

How many candles?

Happy birthday to Johnny, who’s twenty nine (again) today. I miss Johnny, since he moved to millionnaire’s row in Macclesfield and got his own domain he hasn’t had the time for we little people. He doesn’t phone, he doesn’t write, he doesn’t even post any more (sniff).

Right now, if he’s managed to get the itinerary sorted, he should be heading for the Eastern Seaboard, due to arrive at about the same time as Isabel.