Daily archives: September 21, 2003

Heavensent- Chapter 10, Part 13

Boran had been listening to the sounds of battle, unable to judge which way things were going. It was certainly too loud to be just a defence against Janssen’s murder squads, perhaps there had been a full blown rising. The sounds of planes and explosions didn’t fill him with optimism for the rebellions chances. Either way, his chances were slim- rebels would hang him for being part of the occupying forces, the occupying forces would shoot him for helping the rebels.

There were noises from beyond the cell door. Other cells were being opened and, judging by the happy cries that followed, their occupants freed. The jubilation, and occasional shout of anger, drew closer The door two cells down opened, then the one next door.

Boran stood and straightened his clothes the best he could, he at least had to look presentable. Hands clasped behind his back he faced the door. A key turned in the lock and the door was pulled open.

It was dark enough in the corridor that Boran could make out the features of the man before him with ease”Aylo?”

“Ah, good, you are still alive.”


“I have a proposal for you.”

Roll up, Roll up

After some faffing around on Friday, I got a very helpful note from BitPass about possible problems with my first listed sale through them. I’ve applied it and can now announce the first batch of Spinneyhead digital merchandise-

The images are just right for my Sony-Ericsonn T610 (work with what you know) but other resolutions shall be added soon. They’re all specially cropped and adjusted versions of gallery images such as this one.