Daily archives: September 24, 2003

It's the end of the world as we know it…

Or at least the end of the Internet.

Taken from my friend Thrawn, who is one of those unfortunate people on a IT helpline.

“I just had to deal with a customer who was was extremely worried as she had got to the end of the internet, and wanted directions to get back to our network. After much explanation and discussion, it appears the customer had been sent a link to this and actually believed it.”

Frightened to Death by Fairies

I got this book from the library, along with a few graphic design tomes so I can get a grounding in the subject. I’m planning a few projects involving Faerie Folk, and it would be cool to homage those opium fuelled Victorians who painted them into so many pictures. One project is Dancing Through The Dark, a screenplay about, well, fairies. The other is another Epic proposal- W.H.O.: Frightened to Death by Fairies using some very obscure Marvel characters investigating anomalies, magic and superpowers.