Daily archives: September 25, 2003

And I won't open letter bombs for you

A nice, relaxing job opportunity with MI5.

Weapons Specialist

The Security Service (MI5) needs specialists in explosives, IEDs, small arms and light weapons. Working closely with non-technical colleagues, you will produce assessments of terrorist weaponry for a wide and sometimes senior readership.

Explosive and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Specialist

With extensive knowledge of explosives and IEDs, you will have a sound awareness of various types of commercial, military and improvised explosives, their properties and origins. You will have some knowledge of terrorist use of explosives and IEDs.

Small Arms and Light Weapons Specialist

You will have in-depth knowledge of both conventional and improvised small arms and light weapons, including man-portable air defence systems and thermobarics. An awareness of their make-up, capability and origin is essential. Knowledge of the grey arms market is desirable.

For both positions, knowledge of electronics/communications would be an advantage. You will have the ability to analyse and assess intelligence from a range of sources and draw sound conclusions sometimes based on incomplete information. You will be able to draft concise reports and possess sound communication skills at all levels. You will also be required to travel globally and at short notice and work with foreign liaisons for intelligence purposes.

For an application form please send a full CV to Bob Gunning at bob.gunning@tribalgwt.com, or by post to Tribal GWT Consulting Ltd., 87-91 Newman Street, London W1T 3EY. Fax: 020 7323 7191. Please quote reference T7W/01/03.

Closing date for receipt of completed application forms is 31 October 2003

Tell them Spinneyhead sent you. Or perhaps not, it probably wouldn’t help you in the vetting process.

I’m still contemplating restarting the DEx strip. Bits of this job description cover areas one of the characters was going to be expert in, though he’s actually ex MI6.

The Clash, Career Opportunities


So the BBC is screening the last day of the Hutton inquiry. Because everyone knows the real plot twists only come about in the final moments of a courtroom drama. Expect Tony Blair to be unmasked and revealed to be old Mr. Haskins the Ghost Train operator (who would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those dang meddling reporters) and the entirely unsurprising revelation that Alistair Campbell really is Keyser Soze.

Streaming video should be here from 10:15 BST.