Daily archives: September 30, 2003

The sincerest form of flattery

Whilst checking out some of the results pages that brought people to Spinneyhead when they were searching for exploding pizza delivery dudes, I found this news item. A woman in Missouri alluded to having a bomb around her neck so she could rob a bank. She was caught because she parked her own car too close to the scene of the crime and was tracked down because of the number plate.

Bad Taste?

It’s quite interesting to be on the Brian Wells collar bomb search results. I don’t think anything has caused this much interest, and hits, since Victoria Clarke’s awful press conference suits during Operation Oil. I’m not about to display those sorts of graphics on Spinneyhead, but the people who do are offering an alternative to the sanitised mainstream media.

via BoingBoing

The concrete and the clay

First project for my course is to do a piece introducing Manchester. So I spent most of today wandering around the Dirty Ol’ Town (no, actually, that’s Salford isn’t it) trying to see it in new ways. I’m also randomly phonecamming textures, colours and shapes.

Hearing- Fatboy Slim, Halfway Between The Gutter and The Stars