Daily archives: October 2, 2003

On this day in history

I’ve got the archive links working again, and gone back up to 7 days on the page at a time. (Though that may change again soon.)

To celebrate all this, I thought I’d hark back to what I was saying this time last year.

This time in 2001 I hadn’t posted since June and wouldn’t until the 21st of October.

Hearing- The Wannadies, Bagsy Me

Breakbeat Era, Ultra Obscene

Insert witty title here

The Segway people aren’t having a good time lately. The recent recall showed that it is possible to fall off and that they’ve only sold 6,000 (expected sales by now were over 50,000). Now someone has shown how to build your own balancing scooter at a fraction of the cost. However he still hasn’t solved the problem of looking like an utter dork when you ride it.