…..And counting

In Coupling, Jeff has 3000 words for breasts. We’re nowhere near that number, as the list below shows (thanks Stepf). So please do the world a service and help Spinneyhead expand its vocabulary by adding other words and phrases in the comments section-

Breasts, Bristols, Titties, Tits, Hooters, Bazookas, Bazoobas, Tracts of Land, Shadigm, Melons, Boobs, Boobies, Breasticles, Globes, Bombs, Baps, Beauties, Fried Eggs, Puppies, Kittens, Zepplins, Bazoobies, Jugs, Assets, Boulders, Mammaries, BSH (British Standard Handfuls), Airbags, Bossoms, Bust, Nice Pear, Knockers, Jubblies, Baloons, Pillow, Charms, Charlies, Udder, Chest, Ballast, Flotation Devices, Life Jacket, Airship, Silicones, Falsies, 2 asprins on a plank, 2 peas on an ironing board, Dumplings, Mounds, Orbs, Headlamps, Bumps, Wobblers, Coconuts, Glands, Apples, Bouncers, Bristlers, Cans, Bubbies, Diddies, Droopers, Lemons, Love Lumps, Marraccas, Marshmallows, Ninnies, Threpny bits, Tale of two cities, Beacons, Twin Peaks, Thingies, Norks, Mamalries, WMD – Weapons of Mass Distraction