Heavensent- Chapter 10, Part 15

There were fires. The worst were along the Straight, but smaller pyres marked other battles. “Is this good or bad?” Aurile wondered.

“The Straight is a loss. I hope the fire does not spread, or there will be no city to defend.”

“Do you have any intelligence about conditions to the North? We plan to head that way as soon as possible.”

“There are forces primarily along the river. That is the main way they have been moving supplies, after all. It is the easiest and fastest way to head North, but there are others. The railway heads up the East of the plains, but it keeps getting attacked by guerillas. A wagon train across the plains themselves might be an answer. They have fortresses and outposts, but they are very localised. As their supplies are cut off they are going to fall one by one.”

There was a commotion beyond the walls, gunfire. Yet it was punctuated by cheers. “I believe these may be the first of the liberators.” Aurile observed.

“We should go to them. They will want to meet the heroes, after all.” Aylo suggested.

They headed down the main staircase. In the foyer on ground level Boran was at a table map of the city, marking out weapons stashes. He looked up as they passed, staring at Aylo.

The young spy was red faced as they left the building. “He is very thankful that you saved him.” Shara smirked.

The large gates had been swung open and a crowd led a softskin in. “That must be all of our men for blocks.” Aylo sighed, “I hope there is no counter attack.”

The crowd parted and the softskin rumbled to a halt at the foot of the entrance steps. The driver stepped down, then turned to help down a woman in an Air uniform. Behind the flyer was another woman. Aylo turned and stared at Shara, then back. “Twins?” he squeaked.

Aurile nodded at the last man out of the softskin, a tanned, leaner version of himself. “More complicated than that I am afraid.”