I'm taking my overdraft elsewhere!

NatWest sucks. I don’t normally shout obscenities at the people on the other end of the help lines, and never before has one hung up on me, but this guy was being such an arsehole it was the only response.
It seems that, whenever a Direct Debit is returned unpaid from a NatWest account that mandate is dead for three months and nothing will be paid no matter how many times the intended recipient requests payment. Which, in banks-are-wankers world, makes some sort of sense.
BUT IT WOULD MAKE MORE SENSE IF THEY INFORMED ONE OR BOTH OF THE PARTIES INVOLVED THAT THIS WAS GOING ON! But no, they leave one person trying, month after month, to pay for his broadband account and a company occasionally cutting him off when payment doesn’t materialise. I’m NatWest’s customer, they’re not mine (no matter how much money I owe them). I shouldn’t have to phone them up to find this out. They’re more than happy to spam me with letters offering me credit cards and telling me I’m a pound over my overdraft limit, but when they arbitrarily remove a service from my account I hear sweet FA. Add this to the couple of hundred pounds in charges they racked up after refusing me an overdraft extension I was perfectly entitled to (they came back three weeks later and said ‘Oh, actually, we can give you that.’ but by then the damage had been done) and you can see that I’m less than happy with them.
Time to move.

Rant over.