Daily archives: October 15, 2003


Received four times so far today-

Dear Portal Administration!

I have recently come across your site and liked it very much.

I suppose that the visitors of our resources belong to the same

social group and my site could be useful for your audience so I

suggest to exchange our links.

This will help both of us to increase Link-Popularity and accordingly

get top positions in many searching system, Google for instance.

My site is dedicated to travelling to Russia. (or guns, or fishing, or small ships cruises (?????))

I like the idea of Spinneyhead being listed on a gun site so-

Classic Pistol Indoor Range

We offer the most advanced indoor range with firearm sales and rentals. We allow handgun, rifle, shotgun, hot rounds and full-auto guns to be fired at our range.

Fly on the wall

Back in 1994 a man was killed outside UMIST for fly posting on somebody else’s patch. (I was working in the Union at the time, and was- uncharacteristically- the first person in the morning after. I had to field a call from the Times asking if I thought the death was drug related. One of the inspirations for Another Education.) Somehow, I don’t think the threat of fines and a campaign by Keep Britain Tidy is likely to put people off.

Long Time Gone

Broadband has finally been reconnected.

Casa Spinneyhead has been offline since midday Saturday. In that time, I’ve racked up 399 emails.


And what’s worse is that installing XP updates a couple of weeks ago killed SpamPal so completely that it won’t even reinstall (it did the same to Soldiers of Anarchy, which I otherwise recommend as a good squad level tactical wargame).