Daily archives: October 16, 2003

A Sense of Security

Since September 11th 2001, airline and airport security is supposed to have been dramatically tightened around the world and especially so in America and the UK. It is supposed to impossible to get airside at an airport while carrying anything even remotely offensive as everybody (including airport employees) is thoroughly screened and their luggage x-rayed before they can get airside.

However, Theory and Practice have long been known to not like each other’s company, and getting caught up in this at Edinburgh Airport last night proved that.

What’s more, it is not an isloated incident. Two months before, this happened, also at Edinburgh Airport.

Had either one of these been a determined terrorist or suicide bomber, the consequences could have catastrohpic. The hour that the airside part of the airport was closed following its evacuation last night was by no means enough to conduct a really thorough sweep had someone wanted to hide something.

You can never stop a really determined person, however there should be better procedures and security in place to prevent such incidents as these.

Bilious Nasty People

The BNP winning council seats in Burnley was bad news, but several months on they have achieved nothing and will probably be voted out at the next election. There are still problems in the town, but the party members are too deluded to use them to their long term advantage.

“Should the BNP ever get to power in Britain, I think the climate will be such that probably a great number of ethnic minorities wouldn’t want to live here anyway.” [said local leader] Smith

No shit. A hefty number of white folks would be ready to up and leave as well.


Yes. It’s almost that time of year again. More embarassing red faced (from the booze) pictures of the webmaster, who will no doubt mention sheep too often and fail to pull that cute blonde/brunette/redhead* he has his eye on.

And, with luck, Oldhacks will have a different picture for its caption competition.

(*Delete as applicable, but probably brunette based upon previous experience.)

Digital Muse

Giles Foden on technology as aid and impediment to the writer. I found writing on the bus with the Libretto often more productive than sitting in front of the PC.

No: you think of fonts and hard drives, software packages and printer cartridges. Or you footle around the internet, calling it research.

Can’t you tell, by the carpet bombing of posts, that I’m supposed to be working right now?