Daily archives: October 17, 2003

How to machine gun yourself in the foot

The general leading the hunt for Bin Laden is a serious Christian fundamentalist. This is not in itself a problem, except that he believes, and says, stuff like- “I knew my God was bigger than his. I knew that my God was a real god and his was an idol.” about Allah.

So the muslims are really going to help him out, aren’t they?

Oh, I Say!

Yesterday I contemplated being a Freeter, inspired by Brian’s post on the subject. Today I’m thinking of becoming a bit of a Chap. The first official ‘Chap in’ (my name for it) was held in London yesterday.

The Chaps said they frowned upon feverish wage-slavery and naked ambition, although Mr Darkwood accepted there had to be ‘some kind of lumpen officitariat driven by ambition to support us’.

Chappish Sounds- Gomez, Bring It On; Doves, Lost Souls; Kingmaker, In The Best Possible Taste


This is how Apple announced the release of iTunes for Windows. It gives the rest of the computer owning world access to the iTunes online music store and the ability to rip CD’s to AAC (MPEG4 audio). It’s free and will be on my PC before the end of the day. As I’m ranting about free software I should point out that Open Office 1.1 has been released which adds the ability to export to Acrobat and Shockwave.

How to shoot yourself in the foot

The US army in Iraq are adopting Israeli style tactics. Farmers had their crops bulldozed because they wouldn’t inform on the people attacking the occupation forces. Never mind that naming names is a syure way to get yourself killed, you’d think the Americans would know that this sort of collective punishment is disastrous for their cause.