I’ve finally started putting DEx up as a regular strip (Mondays and Fridays initially). For now the strip management system is a little basic, but I’m going to improve the layout (and hopefully the code) as I go along.

In the near future (the prologue takes place in 2002, but the main storyline is from 2004) the British Police have hit upon the idea of contracting in experts for the more esoteric aspects of investigations. The ‘Deputised Experts’ get consultant rates and limited powers of arrest. When Manchester detectives investigate a multiple shooting in a penthouse they find a stash of weapons with links back to Al Qaeda. The Expert they call in to help with their investigation worked for MI6 and has links with these weapons from long before they were smuggled into the country.

DEx is going to be a ‘team’ story in the mould of NYPD Blue and Homicide: Life on the Street, with multiple plotlines concentrating on different characters. There is also going to be a support strip- Usual Time, Usual Place- which is more comedy and soap and concentrates on the lives of a group of friends who are occasionally by-standers during the momentous events of DEx. Eventually all the stories will be hyperlinked so they can be followed by chronologically or as they affect individual characters.