Beery pictures

Another year, another Beer Fest. There are a few traditions for Fests-

Stupid Girl by Garbage must be played at least once. If I don’t have to pay for it that’s just a bonus.

There are a few people I only meet at these annual events. I really should be more sociable.

The outgoing Beer Monster must strip at the staff party.

I always say I’m going to give up the booze for a month afterwards. Not because of the pain of hangover, just to detox before Christmas.

I’ve promised to test ride the revised Bogle Roll route, so I’ll have to find out what it is before the days get too short and wet. Someone’s looking into sorting out a Rag PayPal account so I can have a “Sponsor Me” button on the website and the money will go straight to them (but recorded as coming from me so I can get the kudos.)

Oh yes, anyone who’s in the pictures whose name I have forgotten, please introduce yourselves in the Comments under the image. And accept my apologies for being so crap with names.