Daily archives: November 1, 2003


Pictures galore. Above, you can photograph sparklers with a phone cam. And they come out quite well with Night Mode’s longer exposure too. Almost as well as the digicam can do fireworks if you let it get up to speed.

I’ve been adding stuff to the September, October and November galleries.

On Tuesday night I went to see Jim Bob, formerly of Carter USM, at Night & Day. He was doing an acoustic busking session which turned out Carter faves. I have a few photos of him in the Other Photos gallery and (and I don’t know if this will work) a short video of him doing The Impossible Dream. (Edit. It’s an AVI, I’ve found I can right click and Save As, but IE doesn’t know how to play it.) (Edit 2 This post is now my belated entry for Photo Friday. The theme is Night.)

Oh-oh death, oh-oh-oh death, Can�t you spare me over till another year

The “Six Feet Under” people have helpfully put a calculator on their site so you can work out when you will be need their services.

As for me,

Based on the answers you submitted, we estimate that you will be Six Feet Under in the year 2090.

And you will be 110 years old.

In other words, you have 87 years left to live.

So, enjoy them.

O Death- Camper Van Beethoven

(Title and refferal-pimping by the Evil Webmaster)


Truk Lagoon was one of the Japanese Navies biggest bases in the Pacific. When the US finally attacked the damage was extensive. The lagoon is now littered with wrecks of ships, planes, even tanks and bulldozers, often in water shallow enough for hobby divers to swim in and take pictures. This sort of heavy devastation and carpet of wreckage is what I envision for the aftermath of the Battle of the Big Lazy.