Daily archives: November 8, 2003

Happy Finish

From Popbitch via I Love Trouble

Happy Finish for the Monarchy

Can’t a Prince get relief these days?

Poor Prince Charles. That ghastly butler is going around telling tales, and everyone says that Burrell has other stories that will bring down the Monarchy.

Surely they can’t be referring to Charles getting “happy finish” massages from his valet? Charles is a product of Britain’s boarding school system, so it’s only natural that from time to time he’d ask the servants to apply some spit and polish to his crown jewels.

From The Observer earlier this year: “An embarrassed St James’s Palace official suggested after the Burrell trial that Fawcett was on leave. However, colleagues say he has just been ‘keeping his head down’.”

So there. It wasn’t all about a game of Seabiscuit after all.

Dog kills the master with one gunshot

Badly translated from Corriere dell Sera

The man lived to Espelette, in the Basque countries

Dog kills its landladies with a rifle shot

France: the animal jumps on the left arm loads on the back of the car. It leave projects them that it kills the hunter

PARIS – a dog that bites a man, knows news not ago. But if the dog kills its landladies with a rifle shot the news sure deserves to be told.

DYNAMICS OF THE INCIDENT – a French hunter has been killed from a blow of firearm shot from its dog that he is jumped on the trigger of the arm after that the man had left its gun from hunting in the back with the own car inavvertitamente loaded. The man, that he lived in the village of Espelette in the Basque region, has been lead monday to the hospital in the near hurt city of Bayonne with of firearm the flank. “While he was guiding one of its dogs it has accidentally made to leave the blow”, has said one source of the police

All I was doing was looking for the Prince Charles story (scandale del principe charles)


A film about a horse. I avoid films about horses, but seeing it in the listings did prompt the quote of the night-

“Seabiscuit? Isn’t that something they do at posh schools? Y’know, where they all form a circle around a Digestive and…..”

Finish it for yourselves. Simon did, and now he has to carry that image around.

Revolutions was cool, and made much more sense than Reloaded. In fact, Reloaded will probably make a lot more sense if I go back and watch it again now. Hmmm, IMAX.