Best Laid Plans

I was going to get around the lack of connectivity by coming into Easy Internet and using my pen drive to transfer comics and stuff to Spinneyhead. Of course, the USB slot they so kindly provide either isn’t working or just refuses to recognise the pen drive, so no dice there, I’m afraid.

Hopefully within the next week I’m going to load myself down with 35mm film and wander around the city centre taking pictures for a project I’m calling Look Up: Manchester above head height.. The intent should be fairly obvious from the name. I’m going to take the time to work out a route around town and do some research as a way to string the photos together. I may add a third strand which’ll basically be my day out taking these pictures and personal reminisces (“I remember when this was all fields y’know. Damn, that was good acid that day!”)

Other projects I’m brewing up include The Manchester History of the World, with a timeline stringing across the top of national and global events and across the bottom of Mancunian moments. The idea being to show what was happening here at these points in history and how, if at all, wars etc. impacted the people of Manchester and Salford. (Why Manchester? Well, because I live here of course. And because the Industrial Revolution stuff will be perfectly suited.)