One of the few things getting me through this internet drought is SSX3.

Despite my previous moans about BT I would like to point out that, to this point, they have been wonderful over this whole lack of payment debacle- it is entirely NatWest’s fault that I am in this position. However, I have now reentered the BT bureaucracy zone where idiotic rules apply and I have to jump through hoops to get my connection back. I called on Friday, the date I’d been told, to find that I couldn’t reorder because the cease process hadn’t finished. So I called again yesterday, only to find that the close down of my old account, and removal of ADSL from the line, would actually take seven days. So I’ll call tomorrow, and they’ll probably tell me something else that will mean it takes even longer to get the internet back.

I need connection dammit! The silly websites Graham Norton mentions are catching up with the ones I know about!