The return of incompetence watch

Yes, BT is being crap again. After having a manager chase up my problems last week and get a definite date (today) when broadband would be cut off and I could re-order, I phoned today all excited about getting the process started. And was told I’d have to wait until Friday. In fact, it might be better if I held on until next week. You know, just in case.


So I’m back in EasyInternet, trying to drown out the smell of stale sweat with Earl Grey and accessing the one email account I have that is web accessible (spinneyhead[at]yahoo[dot]com if you’re interested). Until now I was all for blaming NatWest and NatWest alone for this disaster, but now I am also pissed off at BT. They’re okay so long as you’re connected, but their house move/ re-order system seems designed to lose them customers.

Eid was yesterday. That’s the last time I trust a calendar I find on the Internet. Next time I’ll just ask someone. I think I’ll break open some of the Stella I’ve been squirelling away from pub quiz winnings and celebrate Thanksgiving. I was going to launch a Dubya effigy on a rocket, but once again this plan has been put back (from July the 4th to Labo[u]r Day to Thanksgiving to…. I don’t know, some time after I get broadband back when I can persuade a few people with video cameras to record it.)