Daily archives: December 8, 2003


Emily suggested that it’s time for a Spinneyhead Room 101 list. I’ll start the ball rolling-

Idiots in cars I’m not against, or above, the proper use of automobiles, just pointless journeys such as the school run. And the people who think it’s their right to make them and jam up the roads for the rest of us.

Football An incredibly boring game, the importance of which has been blown way out of proportion by brainless TV coverage.

Call centres/ Privatised utilities See all previous posts about BT and NatWest.

SUVs Or whatever they call them in this country. Wasteful, ugly, useless Range Rover wannabes. It would be cheaper to have a small plastic knob grafted to your forehead than buy one of these monstrosities.

Reality TV Need I say more?



Slide on over to the Weblog Awards and vote for JohnnyTheo in the best group blog category- and Anti-War in the Best Crawly Amphibians Ecosystem Level Blog category because the Freepers are trying to skew the poll. (Why did no-one nominate Spinneyhead for anything? Boo…..Pout…… Sulk)

On the subject of Anti-War they linked to this article about the old favourite controversy of just how much was known about the attack on Pearl Harbour before it happened.

Even more wedding pictures

I’ve put some pictures from Sabs and Griff’s wedding into the photo album. Honestly, you’d think most of Spinneyhead had attended or something. I’ve downloaded Damian’s pictures and will resize them, change them to house style and put them up later.

I’ve also added a few pictures to the November and December galleries.

(The Blogger interface was down all of yesterday, so I tried to post this news using the e-mail portal- in the hope it would at least get queued and appear when everything was sorted out. If it starts to sound like an echo chamber in here then Blogger got mail.)