Daily archives: December 9, 2003

That was then, then

On this day in Spinneyhead history-

Last year– Brian and Johnny join team Spinneyhead, I posted a piece of prize winning fiction (still available here), a picture, some politics and all the usual silliness.

2001– very little actually. I was trying to finish Ten Years Asleep and there was something about dressing as a Musketeer(?)

All Quiet on the West Cumbrian NHS Front

From: Pearce David
Sent: 09 December 2003 12:14
To: ‘ian@spinneyhead.##.##’
Subject: The Nomadic Peoples of Spinneyhead

In a moment of boredom at work I have created a nation you are now my slaves Ha, HA, HA, HA HA!!!!!
*Grins manicly and wonders off*


101 continued

Following Ian’s example here’s six of the worst from me:


I don’t have a problem with motorbikes or bicycles (as long as they remember that the highway code actually applies to them) but scooter riders are the most unpredictable on the road. They’re worse than taxis. Plus they make a noise like an angry bee in a biscuit tin.

George Lucas

I spend way too much on Star Wars crap. I once joked that I might as well set up a monthly direct debit to George Lucas as it would save time and effort. With the release of Galaxies (the on-line Star Wars game) that has actually happened. He needs to be banished for my own good. That and his refusal to release the trilogy on DVD in its original form. See, I’m trying to give him money again!

Snooker as a spectator sport

It’s boring to watch. Even worse than cricket. Also the controllers of BBC2 seem to think it’s important enough to drop Buffy from the schedules which is utterly unforgivable.

The Atkins Diet

If I have to hear one more bad breathed fad dieter evangelise about Atkins I’m going to knock them to the ground and force feed them a kilo bag of sugar. If they’d shut up about it and eat the occasional breath mint (probably too much carb) it wouldn’t be so bad. Just eat less crap and get some exercise you fat f**ks!

Looking busy

I currently have 5 active projects (plus tech support) at work. However, if for a brief moment I don’t look busy I’ll get another project dumped on me. One day I hope to work for someone who acknowledges that I have a variable workload and it’s okay for me not to look busy at all times.

Happy People

Not all happy people, just the ones who insist on trying to cheer me up when I’m feeling depressed and/or stressed. It’s a bit like someone repeatedly telling you that it’s wrong to feel the way you do. It really doesn’t help.