Endless regression

This post has been borrowed from my brothers journal/blog, who borrowed it from another blog called The Green Fairy. The link to the original article (from Ananova, source of quality randomness) is in the post but it’s the editorial comment that amused me.

(From here on, it’s sheer plagiarism)

Something pertaining to call itself the ‘National Scruples and Lies Survey’ has apparently discovered ‘that modern women lie, flatter and have affairs’. The revelation is that 94% of women tell lies (though I’d be far more interested in the weird 6% who claim they don’t), and among the usual 50% who fake orgasms and lie about their weight, we have more interesting statistics.

A third (32%) said they would stay with their partner if he had a one-night stand, 28% if they discovered he was a secret transvestite and 17% if he announced he was gay.

About a third (32%) would pretend to use contraception like the Pill if they wanted to get pregnant but their partners did not want a child. Women are also suspicious about their partners and admit to checking their pockets (46%), text messages, (47%) mobile phone bill (27%) and following them (10%).

Do you think it was the same 32% that think is it is acceptable to trick their partners into becoming fathers against their will that would leave if said partners betrayed them in an entirely less significant fashion with a one night stand? And call me morally bankrupt and unscrupulous but it depresses me somewhat to hear that over two thirds of women would run gibbering from a man wearing clothes not specifically and rigidly designed for his sex but the same upstanding moral integrity does not prevent them going through their partner’s personal possessions and in one in ten cases, trailing them.