Daily archives: December 18, 2003

Union (Jack) City Blues

I never actually announced it on this site, but Marvel’s Epic imprint, for which I did a Union Jack proposal, collapsed. I got a standard issue rejection letter back. As this is a Marvel owned character, there’s little chance of sprucing up the script and selling it on to another company, so here’s the script and rough series plan for your delectation.

The road to Hell is paved with old paperbacks

The M6 Toll motorway has a secret ingredient- old Mills & Boon novels.

“We use copies of Mills and Boon books, not as a statement about what we think of the writing, but because it is so absorbent.

“They may be slushy to many people, but it’s their ‘no-slushiness’ that is their attraction as far as we are concerned.”

Thanks to Penny for the link

April Fool!

Well, there’s a surprise. The Telegraph had a story earlier this week where they claimed to have documents conclusively linking Al-Quaeda to Saddam. What they actually prove is that the Telegraph are ridiculously gullible, as the claims made in this article just scream ‘fake!’. The document turned up at too convenient a time, the claims they make are far too explicit and the ten year old who drew them up tries too hard to please by also ‘proving’ the Niger yellowcake claims from Dubya’s State of the Union speech.

There’s a booming trade in these wacky documents in Iraq at the moment, with forgers making hundreds of dollars at a time selling them to Western papers and intelligence agencies. In this case, the FBI has convincingly refuted any claims that Mohammed Atta could have been in Baghdad to meet Abu Nidal.