DEx- then break

Today’s edition of DEx is up. This is going to be the last one before a long Christmas break. It will probably return at the start of term (12th January) next year. By then it may also have changed venue. I’m not that happy with the comics manager I’m using, and I want to get more publicity for the project. Via BugPowder I found out about Webcomicsnation. The functions in the Professional account are just the sort of things I want. For instance, I have some naughtier sections/ stories planned for my second strip- Usual Time, Usual Place– that I’d be a bit dubious about posting on my rather uptight current ISP’s servers. Plus this way I can BitPass access to these stories as a barrier against younger viewers (not a huge barrier, admittedly, but it’s something.) I also like the look of the searchable character database because characters in the two strips are going to hop back and forth and appear in the background when least expected.

And of course, the increased profile might just mean I can make enough money off the strip to merit the day and a bit a week I spend on it.